What better place to have a pre-wedding shoot than one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, the Sydney Opera House at Circular Quay! Michelle and Calvin met through a mutual friend and quickly fell in love. It’s so cliche but seriously, it was quick. Those feelings could not be denied and I’m so glad because it meant that I was able to photograph them on the steps of the Opera House on their first trip to Sydney together.

I love it when my couples choose to have a pre-wedding shoot! It lets me get to know them really well before the big day. Not sure what that is? Let me tell you!

What Is A Pre-Wedding Shoot?…

A pre-wedding shoot is a portrait session with your wedding photographer before your wedding day. It’s a great way to get to know your photographer, work out what kind of poses you like and get some great images to use for your wedding invitations, guest book and anything else!

Michelle and Calvin travelled from Hong Kong to have their pre-wedding photoshoot at the iconic Sydney Opera House at Circular Quay.

I loved Michelle’s big yellow skirt and Calvins suave suit which brought more romanticism to our shoot than I usually have with other couples (especially in the Botanical Gardens Rose Garden). I am so so happy they dressed up for the camera because it just looks SO good!

What’s the difference between a pre-wedding and an engagement shoot?

Honestly, not much. Some would say that en engagement shoot is more casual whereas a pre-wedding shoot involves a more formal look. Sometimes couples will be wear their wedding attire to have those portraits on display at their wedding reception. But at the end of the day, both a pre-wedding and engagement shoot involve a photoshoot of the couple before their wedding day.

Head to this blog post to read why you should have a pre-wedding/engagement shoot.

Why you should have your pre-wedding shoot in Sydney…

From inner city havens like the Royal Botanic Gardens and the iconic Sydney Harbour; one of the many, many beautiful beaches within a stone’s throw of the CBD; alternative urban backdrops in places like Newtown, or adventurous Forrests and natural landscape in the Blue Mountains – Sydney boasts so many varied and unique locations for a pre-wedding shoot.

After flying in from Hong Kong and spending a few days in Melbourne, they came to Sydney to see the sights, kayak on the harbour (ummm whaattt? So extra!) and head to the Sydney Fish Markets. ALL. The. Things. And you know what? I wouldn’t have complained if they had me do a documentary session of their day here. I would have LOVED that.

I’m always keen for pre-wedding shoots so if you’re travelling to Sydney from overseas or want to capture yourselves in your hometown, reach out! I’m more than happy to put together a custom quote for any ideas or concepts you have

What happens after our shoot?

After the shoot, you get access to the images and from their you can have them printed or shared on social media. It’s always super helpful to share your favourites with me afterwards so I can know exactly what kind of vibe you love for your wedding day. Knowing this will help me include more of those kinds of images in your wedding day coverage.