If you ever feel the need to have a hectic fun afternoon, an extended family photography session is where you should look. The chaotic energy of multiple kids under the age of 7 is just something else!

I met the Doyle’s in the backyard of Maggie and Joe (the official founders of this tight-knit, loving family that gives me major #goals). If my future family can be half as much fun as these people, I would die happy. Maggie told me the story of buying their dream house in Eastwood when their three kids were only young. Choosing it not just for the house itself, but for the giant reserve located just behind their back gate. Making it an extended backyard equiped with trees, a creek and a bridge to cross it. The literal dream family home.

Now that their kids are all grown up and have (or are having) kids of their own, Maggie and XXX have created a family hub that serves for the perfect place for the perfect extended family get together.

Denise (one of their amazing daughter’s in law) organised to have me come and photograph the entire family for Christmas. Thanks to bad weather, we needed to reschedule. Although we could have done an in-home session like this one, it was important to Denise, to have the kids outside and doing what kids do best – playing and adventuring! We finally met on a beautiful Sunday afternoon where the sun gifted us with some beautiful lighting. It was perfect!

But wait, not only was this an extended family photography session – it was a gender reveal! Dermot and his (now) finance Chantelle are expecting a baby and decided to have a gender reveal during the session. I was there to capture the moment they announced they’re expecting a boy! Complete with balloons and confetti. So festive!

After, they showed me the creek and let the kids adventure freely for some less-posed, and more natural photos of everyone just enjoying each others company.

Photographing the Doyle’s was such a pleasure and I can’t wait to do more extended family sessions! Check out some of the images from this extended family session below.

I travel all over Sydney for family sessions and even have my own suggestions for great family portrait locations if you need suggestions. Head to my family contact page, and send through an enquiry!